Rainbow Art: Melted Crayon Heart on Canvas

We've been searching for some fun ways to practice color skills with the kids -- something that we could also repurpose as a fun art piece to decorate the playroom. Since there's always a plethora of crayons around the house, I thought it would be even more exciting for the kids if we let them see how the crayon wax interacted with heat for a fun little science-like experiment (with mommy's supervision of course!). We've seen so many amazing melted crayon pieces over the past few months, so knew we had to at least give it a shot! Melted crayons can create some beautiful pieces and there's … [Read more...]

Aluminum Foil Moon Sensory Craft

My son is going through what I like to call a moon phase. He is absolutely fascinated by the moon. Every time he catches a glimpse of the moon at night, he has to point it out with enthusiasm. And naturally, Goodnight Moon is one of his favorite books to read at bedtime! This post may contain affiliate links. So to take that fascination a little further, I decided that a moon craft was in order! We chose aluminum foil as the main material to work with because of the wonderful sensory experience it provides. The bumpy foil texture is a great representation of the craters found on the … [Read more...]

Love Bug Valentine’s Craft

Looking for an easy Valentine's craft? Today I'm sharing a fun, yet simple love bug craft we created over the weekend. This is a great craft to do with toddlers who love learning about bugs and other little creatures around the yard and house. Materials Pom poms Googly eyes Pipe Cleaner Toilet paper roll Hot Glue Popsicle stick (optional) Start by bending the toilet paper roll to create a fun heart-shape "log" for your love bug to sit on. Have your child paint the toilet paper roll red using washable paint. As that dries, let him or her choose a few pom pom … [Read more...]

Cupid’s Quiver & Arrow Valentine’s Craft

I love creating Valentine's crafts with my toddler -- they are so cute and fun to make, but most of them get tossed aside after a few minutes after creating. So I started to brainstorm and think long and hard about a Valentine's craft that would be perfect for an active toddler like mine. That's when a bow and arrow idea came to mind! It was definitely the kind of craft that would pique a little boys interest and keep him entertained for a little longer! Although most people think "bow and arrow" - I decided to focus specifically on a quiver and arrow craft because they work quite nicely as … [Read more...]

DIY Puzzle Valentine for Kids

Does your little one love puzzles as much as mine does? Then I have the perfect DIY Valentine craft your toddler-to-preschool age kids can help with! It's called a Don't be Puzzled Valentine, Be mine craft I adapted from a puzzle I found in a Parents magazine. Puzzles have so many learning benefits including fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and shape recognition. And one of the reasons why we love this Valentine, is because it can be customized in any way with your child's favorite characters and treats. Materials 9 Starbursts Cardstock Construction … [Read more...]

DIY Party Blower Craft for Kids

With the new year being just around the corner, I've been looking for fun, festive crafts and activities for toddlers. Because I know the kids won't get to bed on time (and thus let mommy and daddy ring in the new year), unless there are some super creative activities to help them celebrate and burn off energy. What better way to release that energy than to let the party animal in them out for some fun! I started working on a quick DIY party blower idea and then adapted it to a party animal craft I found from Kix to complete my DIY New Year's craft. Materials Paper … [Read more...]

Paper Plate Goat Craft for the New Year

We love following the Chinese New Year calendar to learn all about the animal of the year and what that animal symbolizes. It's just so interesting to learn about what to expect in the coming year and also a fun way to get the kids involved.  With 2015 being the year of the goat (or sheep/ram), what better way to celebrate with small kids than by creating a fun goat-themed craft?! 2015 is said to be a year of favorable changes compared to the past -- so expect good things to come! And because my 2.5 year old loves all-things animals, we decided to create a paper plate goat to ring in the … [Read more...]

Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Airbrush {Review + Giveaway}

It's no secret that my toddler loves arts and crafts. It took us some time to get to this point, but these days he is up for almost anything. He loves exploring colors, textures and materials of all sorts. However, this usually means a mess of markers and paints all over his hands, face and clothes. That's why I was excited to try out Crayola's Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush with him as part of my Holiday Gift Guide. The Color Wonder Airbrush set comes with the airbrush sprayer, six Color Wonder mini markers, three themed stencil sheets and 20 sheets of Color Wonder paper. The … [Read more...]

21 Angel Crafts Kids Can Make at Christmas

If you love angels like we do, you'll enjoy checking out all these cute angel crafts we've rounded up for the little ones. You can make these angel crafts with your toddlers or preschoolers just in time for Christmas using kid-friendly craft material including everything from paper plates and toilet paper rolls to cupcake liners and footprints :). Find a favorite to create with your child as you countdown to Christmas! Angel crafts made from paper plates: Angel Paper Plate Christmas Craft from Meaningful Mama Paper Plate Angel Craft from My Kid Craft Paper Plate Angel from … [Read more...]

Angel Christmas Craft for Kids

I love angels. They are synonymous with all that is divine. So its only fitting to include angels in a Christmas craft. Last week, I was looking to find an easy way to create a cute and simple angel that could be added to the array of Christmas crafts and decor already sitting on our mantle. So naturally, toilet paper rolls came to mind. Here's what we used to create our kid-friendly angel craft: Toilet paper roll White washable paint Glue Glitter Pipe cleaner Paper plate My toddler painted the toilet paper roll white, while I used a paper plate to cut out angel wings … [Read more...]