Toddler-Approved Spinach Pizza

Anyone who has a toddler knows how difficult it is to get them to eat a nutritious meal. You try everything in your power to follow the rules of the book: introducing one veggie at a time, providing a variety of options and then reintroducing veggies that were previously rejected. You may even consider masking the flavor of healthy snacks on occasion. But many times even the best tricks of the trade don't work.  You end up giving them anything they'll eat...even if it is just a grilled cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets or (gulp), bread rolls.  Not that that's a bad thing. Sometimes you just … [Read more...]

7 Indoor Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy in Winter

When temperatures fall BELOW freezing during the cold winter months, there's no way anyone wants to hang outdoors, let alone take the little ones out to play for hours.  But how can a mom keep her sanity when she's stuck indoors facing toddler tantrums and random acts of household destruction? Well after much trial and error, I found a plethora of options out there for moms to take advantage of.  Sometimes you have to be a little creative to find things that work well for your kids; other times you simply have to open your eyes to what's right there in front of you. Here are 7 … [Read more...]

4 Germ-Infested Areas Around Your Baby (That May Surprise You)

Have you ever given a real good look to the areas in your house or things your little ones spend their time around? Well if you haven't, be prepared for a few icky surprises you may find when you take a closer look. As moms, we all make sure to inspect and baby-proof potential hazards around the house, but sometimes we can overlook a few things here and there that can be full of yucky germs and even pose health risks for babies. Take a look at these 4 germ-infested areas I found after doing some investigation and let me know in the comments if you've encountered them … [Read more...]

Decorating Pumpkins With a Toddler

With Halloween around the corner I made sure to visit a local pumpkin patch and grab a few pumpkins to decorate with the little guy.  The only issue there of course is that he is still a little guy.  A toddler can't really handle a carving knife and mine would rather eat markers and crayons rather than decorate with them.  So this year, I stumbled upon an idea from another mommy blog:  mainly using some craft paint and tape. The basic idea is to use the painter's tape to cut out a letter (something to represent your child's name), let your little one go crazy with decorating (the messier … [Read more...]

5 Signs Your Baby Has Become a Toddler

This weekend we took the little guy shoe shopping.  Real shoe shopping. You know, when they get the official shoe measurement and all. To my surprise, my baby boy was about a size and a half larger than I thought! Shows how fast he's growing. It also made me come to the realization that he wasn't a baby anymore...he was and is a toddler. And although there isn't ONE definitive indicator that your baby is completely and utterly a toddler (besides the walking, talking etc. stage), there are definitely a few general signs that point to that milestone happening. Here's my take on … [Read more...]

Product Review: Munchkin Snack Catcher

Don't you hate finding messy food particles all over the floor after giving your little one a snack? I certainly do! It just adds to an already stress-of-a-mess to clean up. But to my surprise, on my search for a snack container I ended up purchasing this snack catcher instead...and what a great surprise it was! The secret to the snack catcher lies in it's lid -- the soft flaps provide easy access to little fingers, while preventing spills.  I love the fact that even if your toddler reaches for a handful, he usually only comes out with 1 or 2 snacks. The design is simply … [Read more...]