Baby-proofing 101: 5 Must-Have Items to Keep Your Child Safe

babyproofing table

Chili: furniture surfing on our newly baby-proofed table (but don’t mind that hammer in his hand…another story!)

Even before your little one is mobile, you’ll need to take some precautionary steps to keep him safe…because before you know it, baby will be rolling over, crawling and walking!  The problem is, there are literally hundreds of ways to baby-proof your home, making the task somewhat daunting.  But take a deep breath.  If you start with all the basic areas of your home that baby will be exposed to each day, your list will be clear as day.  Think: nursery, bathtub and playroom.

1.  Electrical Outlet Covers

First things first. Because baby will spend most time in his nursery: whether sleeping, playing or getting a fresh diaper — it’s important that everything within reach is sealed or secured.  This includes any open outlets or electrical wires like lamp or extension cords.  Even if you think baby won’t be so inclined to explore outlets, you never know what little beings find interesting.

2.  Table Edge Cushions

Your coffee table will be one of the first things baby gravitates towards when he is up and about practicing the art of furniture surfing.  You’ll want to stock up on corner and table edge cushions to pad sharp edges that can pose a threat.

3.  Baby Safety Gates

Safety gates are a great way to keep baby contained within a safe area when mommy has to step away for a moment. Be sure to secure the top and bottom of stairways with these gates as well to prevent any and all accidents.

4.  Bath Spout Cover

As baby grows, he’ll love spending more and more time playing and exploring the water and world around him during bath time.  This also means, he’ll find things like the bath tub spout just as intriguing.  Invest in a cute whimsical rubber spout cover that will protect baby from hurting himself if he decides to stand up and explore further.

5.  Baby Floor Mat

As obvious as it may sound, you don’t want to overlook the importance of having a soft surface to cushion baby’s inevitable falls.  If you don’t have a carpeted living space, invest in a floor foam mat to keep your little one safe as he moves about.  These not only provide a comfortable surface for crawling, they also add a bright, fun appearance to keep baby stimulated!

How did you start baby proofing?

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  1. I’d add a cushioned bathtub mat to the list (the kind that goes in the tub to prevent slipping on the wet tub surface).

    Kids love baths, and falls are a guaranteed thing. But the bathtub mat has prevented a lot of serious injuries at our house!


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