Happy Halloween Yoda

A little late posting, but wanted to share some photos of our little one's 2nd Halloween.  This year we had to make a last minute costume change after a wardrobe malfunction...so it was no other than baby Yoda! Although our Chili came down with a high fever and therefore couldn't venture out to experience trick-or-treating for the first time (boo!), we were able to snag a few shots of him in costume!   … [Read more...]

Decorating Pumpkins With a Toddler

With Halloween around the corner I made sure to visit a local pumpkin patch and grab a few pumpkins to decorate with the little guy.  The only issue there of course is that he is still a little guy.  A toddler can't really handle a carving knife and mine would rather eat markers and crayons rather than decorate with them.  So this year, I stumbled upon an idea from another mommy blog:  mainly using some craft paint and tape. The basic idea is to use the painter's tape to cut out a letter (something to represent your child's name), let your little one go crazy with decorating (the messier … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday weekend and staying cool in the heat!! … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gifts: 7 Crafts for Kids to Make

With Father's Day just a week away, it's the time when busy moms start scrambling for special, albeit last-minute gift ideas for the little ones to put together. Here are 7 of the cutest I found around the web to show daddy how  much we love him: 1. A Father's Day Tie {I Heart Naptime} 2. I Love You This Much Card {A Day In My Life} 3. My Dad Rocks {Our Family World} 4. Scrabble Frame {Just Another Day in Paradise} 5. Father's Day Photograph Card {the Celebration Shoppe} 6. Father's Day Notepad {Martha Stewart} (and my all time favorite … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!!!

As a parent you always want to remember the first Christmas, so this year we had to do the whole Santa thing. Baby wasn't quite sure how to react, but certainly made for a precious moment. Merry Christmas Chili :)! … [Read more...]

12 Best Ways to Clean a Home for the Holidays

With Christmas quickly approaching, and my home being in a state of disarray (for various reasons), I thought it was appropriate for a 12 days of cleaning (aka 12 areas to clean) to get the house ready for the holidays. So whether you're having the entire extended family over, or you just want to feast your eyes on a warm, clean and festive home this holiday season (as in my case), my list will help you find the key places in the home you should focus your efforts on to ensure your home is ready to entertain! Here are the key areas in the house to focus cleaning efforts to wow guests … [Read more...]

Semi-Homemade Baby Ninja Turtle Costume

Oh the very first Halloween photos of baby. A chance to show off your adorable bundle of joy in the cutest of costumes. How could a new mom not want to get the most adorable baby costume possible?? Such a fun and proud moment for all first-time moms! So I'm joining in the fun here, :) and posting some pictures from my little Chili's first Halloween!  We were looking for the perfect costume (aka cute-as-can-be with a special homemade touch). So of course TMNT came to mind (teenage mutant ninja turtles, that is!). They've been a part of both mommy and daddy's childhood so had to be passed … [Read more...]